6 Best Ways to Keep Your Gaming Computer Cool

    Gamers often face the problem of overheating when it comes to the gaming computer. There are many possible reasons such as overclocking, lack of proper cooling, and cheap enclosure fan quality.

    Don’t worry. In this article, I list some important things and accessories that you can use to cool your gaming computer during long gaming sessions.

    1) Clean the computer: Do you know what keeps your computer cool? Its fan optimizes different speed settings based on the temperature inside the processor. Sometimes a large amount of dust accumulates in or near the fan, resulting in slow speed or even damage. It is recommended that you clean your computer once a month to make sure that your CPU fan is working properly.

    2) Update the CPU chassis fanA: The most sensitive and expensive thing is your gaming computer processor. It can overheat every time you play resource-intensive games like CS Go. Players are often advised to use fans of high quality games when it comes to playing high-end games.

    When you play high-end games on your gaming computer, the factory-installed case fan does not provide you with adequate cooling compared to the optimized case fans sold by brands such as Noctua and so on. So you really need to high quality case fans to keep your processor cool when playing.

    3) Stop switching: When you push your computer components harder and faster than their intended limits. In this case Switching if done for an extended period of time, it reduces CPU performance. So if you want to enjoy long hours of gaming, you should avoid speeding up the CPU.

    4) Replacing the power supply: The computer’s power supply has a large fan. Here you can feel the heat coming out when you put your hand behind the computer.

    If your gaming computer does not have a tray fan installed, this is the only place where heat can escape from your computer. There is a high chance of overheating if your power supply fan is not working properly. I would suggest replacing the PSU fan in this condition.

    5) Install the processor water cooling system: High-end gaming computers generate so much heat that even a high-quality case fan is not enough to keep the processor cool. In this case, you will need a water cooling system that is more efficient and better cools your processor.

    If you think of “Water in the computer”, do not worry, the water is closed in a closed transmission system. The pump runs in cycles and cools all parts of the processor and computer. The most interesting thing is that you do not need to be a professional to install a water cooling system.

    6) Install a phase changer: You can understand the concept of a phase change device as the operation of a refrigerator. This helps cool the overheated processor, but works on the same technology as in refrigerators.

    The price of phase change units ranges from $ 1,000 to $ 2,000.

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