The best Android photo editing apps

    Every smartphone today has a camera, and 5 MP is the most common of all mid-range and high-end phones. In fact, on some devices, the camera is the main highlighted feature. A striking example would be the Nokia Pureview, which comes with a huge 41 MP camera. You can even share photos on various social networking sites using various photo sharing programs. These days, there are many photo editing programs that allow users to edit and enhance photos by adding effects, borders, and so on. If you’re a big fan of Android smartphones, go through this list of the best photo editing apps available for your Android smartphone.

    1) PicSay – PicSay is a very good photo editing program with all the basic editing features to create great photos. There’s an Add Effects tab that lets you make the necessary adjustments to hue, exposure, contrast, brightness, and saturation. There are other unique features such as Invert, Rainbow and Pixelize. But what sets PicSay apart from other apps is the ability to add Word balloons and stickers.

    2) Small photo – This app is a favorite among many Android smartphone users. Little Photo is basically a photo filtering program with a number of popular key features, such as adding frames and rotating photos. The intensity of the filters can be adjusted to your taste. It is very easy to use and has some extra features such as multiple exposure and body glow.

    3) Pixlr – o – matte – Many experts believe that Pixlr-o-matic is even better than Little Photo because it has many options. There are basically three categories of filters, namely light filters, photo filters, and photo frames. However, you can only use one filter per category at a time. To apply multiple filters, you must save the edited photo and upload it. The best thing about Pixlr-o-matic is that it has no ads.

    4) TouchRetouch Free – This program is very useful when you want to remove unwanted items from a photo. It’s so powerful that you can change the whole script in a photo. For example, if you have a photo showing a full beach of people, using this app the beach may look completely empty. Although the app has limited features, it is still packed with many elements to make your image perfect.

    5) AfterFocus – AfterFocus is probably one of the most powerful tools when you create DSLR photos with this program. You can adjust the focus to the subject that needs a little attention, and you can even set the center and white focus in the background for more depth. It will take some time to get used to this app, but once you catch it, you can create amazing photos with this amazing app.

    The apps mentioned above are some of the best photo editing apps you can get on your Android device. There are several other programs such as Diptic and Vignette, but these 5 are the most sought after.

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    The best Android photo editing apps

    Every smartphone today has a camera, and 5 MP is the most common of all mid-range and high-end phones. In fact, on some devices,...

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