Update with the Android Navigation Head Unit – say goodbye to the car stereo

    Does your factory stereo look simple and boring, or do you lack important features like navigation? Outdated car hardware is not very purposeful. Most of them do not have navigation systems and only play radio and CD music. Upgrade your factory stereo system with the Android Aftermarket Navigation Head Unit to take advantage of the best in modern technology.

    Replace an obsolete main unit to get more high-tech features. Car navigation systems are an essential part of modern vehicles, but don’t worry, you don’t have to buy a brand new car for these items. The aftermarket offers a variety of Android multimedia devices that are convenient devices that allow you to connect your Android phone to a dash and control some of its most important features. With the Android base unit, you can play music, use Google Maps navigation, which is far more advanced than BMW’s main navigation, make calls and send messages.

    • There are many benefits to having an Android host device.

    It’s not just a typical stereo system, we’re talking about a multifunctional device that will make your car enjoyable and relaxing. Your Android phone is connected to a dash via USB, which does not reflect all of the applications on your device. Due to driver safety policies, only Google Play-authorized apps may be visible on your device. You can use Google Maps as a reliable navigation system, as well as play music from your phone’s database.

    Audio goes through USB, which doesn’t compromise audio quality like Bluetooth does. The second most important function after navigation is hands-free phone calls. Calling while driving is not recommended unless you have an Android host device that allows hands-free talking. This is important for the safety of both you and others on the road.

    • The downsides and how to deal with them

    The aftermarket offers a variety of Android device models with a phone interface that is easy to navigate even while driving. If you change the factory stereo system, you may lose some of the factory functions, such as the steering wheel control, satellite radio, Bluetooth integration systems and rear seat entertainment systems.

    The key is to choose a compatible host device from the aftermarket that will give you the features you want to keep. Depending on which function you want to save, you will need to purchase the right adapter. As an example, we can take the steering wheel volume controls, as this is one of the key features that everyone wants to grasp. In this case, look for an steering wheel audio adapter and a navigation device that is compatible with this adapter. In today’s aftermarket, you will find many heads with SWI (steering wheel input). It is important to look for this feature because otherwise your main unit may cost several items. Also, there is more than one reason why you should not upgrade your vehicle with a aftermarket main unit.

    It’s definitely cheaper than buying brand new wheels, and you can buy high-tech through the aftermarket Android host device for the right price and say goodbye to old factory car hardware.

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